Checkin and Skydive Manifest for commercial skydiving operations

Gear and Equipment tracking for commercial skydiving operations

Manifest Cloud:  Manifest Software for skydive operations should be easy. Just log in from any web browser and you're ready to manifest.

  • No software installation
  • Modern cloud based service
  • Runs from any modern web browser
  • View only screens also run from ipad or iPhone
  • Real Time support chat built in
  • In Built help and learning centre
  • Real time update and change log information built in
  • Enterprise level load balancing for optimal performance
  • High availability by distributing user traffic across healthy high availabiity service instances
  • Auto fault tolerance - automatically routing server traffic across multiple availability zones
  • Auto scaling for periods of high user demand or during large events


  • Improve Safety and Risk Management
  • FIDS - Dynamic Flight Departure Boards. Plug and play HMDI appliance - flight departure boards
  • Multiple DZ management system all from one fluid easy system
  • Multiple aircraft operations all via one simple fast manifest manager screen
  • Fast staff management page to allocate staff working and not working
  • Easy fast customer search
  • Mesh WiFi module solution available to connect departure boards and manifest equipment across your facility
  • Boogie and event fast checkin module to handle large events
  • *Automatic licensing and membership lookups *currently APF others being added

Real time skydive customer checkin for safety management

  • Customer logistics management
  • Better customer service with efficient customer checkin
  • FIDS - Dynamic Departure Boards for customer and public information

Gear and Equipment tracking

  • Fast easy gear and equipment compliance
  • Create and manage all your equipment and every component in a few easy clicks
  • Easily track and monitor equipment servicing by date, by cycles (jumps), by manufacturers scheduled servicing intervals.
  • Sports Jumpers profile allows monitoring of your sports jumpers equipment and key repack or due dates.
  • DZ gear and equipment  is tracked separately to private sports jumper or staff gear for easy management
  • Better forecast your DZ equipment purchases and gear life expiry allowing better business planning and budgeting estimates 

Manifest Cloud is a modern robust 24/7 cloud service providing real time customer checkin, aircraft manifesting and a FIDS public flight departure board system as well as complete gear and equipment tracking.

Manifest Cloud is built on a solid foundation of API's  in addition to the built in standard apps. This allows you amazing flexibility and unlimited scope to create your own web apps , native apps or services to further customise the system to your businesses specific needs. You can build your own apps and services using Manifest Clouds standard set of API's or Manifest Cloud's commercial developer team can quote and create custom apps for you. Have a great idea for an add on module app or service ?  Send us your suggestions and it may be added to our standard included range of available apps.

  • Real time DZ Safety Tools running 24/7 in the cloud where and when you need them
  • Real time remote DZ auditing for Chief Instructors, Operators, DZSO staff
  • FIDS Public Flight Departure Boards
  • Real time licence lookups *APF others coming
  • Local jumper rating, skills and licensing, Chief Instructor approvals
  • Pilot App for real time load data to Pilots including pax load weights for weight and balance
  • Pilot, DZSO, GCA ipad app with canopy counts, exit groups, exit weights, jumps types on board
  • Full gear and equipment tracking