Manifest Cloud - WPC 2018 - Day 2

WPC 2018 - Day 2

Providing the Manifest System services for the 2018 World Skydiving Championships has been a great benchmark for the system. Also a great test of our plug and play deployment philosophy for providing associated WiFi and departure board technology. The Manifest Cloud system is not just a manifest system its an overall solution.

We created some great updates for all DZ’s using the system leading up to the event including a new Teams function and new Team and Event public departure boards.

We were also able to put to good use our unique back end systems that allow us to ramp up and scale to virtually unlimited capacity and user loads. The system was being treated to its heaviest usage to date with event manifest staff dealing with 50 - 70 plus loads per day, loading the manifest manager up simultaneously with over 70 teams and 300 jumpers all being manifested on the fly with a few clicks.

To adapt to the event load we closely monitored system performance and tweaked our secret recipe ramping up our servers and database systems. Day 3 of the event should see in the order of 300% speed increases in the manifest system allowing manifest staff faster system access.

When manifest staff are dealing with 70 teams and over 300 jumpers on a live manifest system speed is important.

We have already gathered some great feedback from event manifest staff. We have some great multi user system updates coming soon !

Manifest Cloud already allows for multiple staff running on multiple computers (there is no limit to multiple screens) but we do rely on good team communication and workflows so only one person is making changes on the same loads or the same jumpers. Coming soon our new multi user update will mean as soon as any manifest staff updates a load or team, all user screens will receive real time push updates refreshing their screens meaning the whole team is working from the latest data input rather than relying on users to manually refresh their screen data.