Manifest Cloud - Data Centre integrity and security

All Manifest Cloud staging and testing  is provisioned in a Tier 4 data centre

Manifest Clouds choice of data centres with the combination of physical security creates a secure platform to protect the manifest system as a mission critical business system with outstanding reliability and security.

Global DDoS

The data centre is fully DDoS protected

Global Peering

The data centre peers with 600 global networks for maximum system responsiveness and speed.


Customer AWS Service Distribution

Customer instances of the Manifest Cloud system are completely private and segregated. Your data is secure and never shared by Manifest Cloud. We deploy your service instance of Manifest Cloud globally on Amazon AWS data centre for speed and reliability.

Manifest Cloud separates and load balances your front end system and backend database for reliability and scalability.

Your Manifest Cloud system is automatically backed up for data protection.


System Support

The Manifest Cloud system has built in live chat support for easy assistance. Chats will log to a support tickets when live chat staff are not on hand for a seamless support experience. Next time you log into Manifest Cloud your chat will continue with any support staff responses.

Manifest Cloud FIDS Flight Departure Boards are an integrated plug and play solution combining robust hardware and software solutions. The Manifest Cloud system continually pushes any updates and improvements as well as first time configurations and setup to assist you setup and deploy your departure boards. You are completely in control of your departure board deployment with security codes you create and issue controlling the activation of any public departure board.