Manifest Cloud has several core apps which provide the tools required to improve your DZ logistics. Most of our apps will run on Ipads as self contained apps and others are designed to run on a desktop screen.

Apps can be deployed to staff either with a user login or with a security code

Our Current custom Manifest Cloud Apps include

Checkin App

Fast easy checkin of customers using self checkin kiosk or guided checkin with staff

  • Dynamic checkin identifying what tour, product or jump type a customer is undertaking
  • Capture key data - Weight, Date of Birth, Email, Mobile, Name, booking number

Running an event or multiple courses or seminars, easy,  customers can self checkin (or guided checkin) and checkin for the event, course, seminar jump or tour they are taking part in.

Checkin staff can quickly and easily identify which customers have arrived, what event, course, jump or tour they are doing and even see customers who are checking in.

Status Manager Screen 

Complete control over all your customers as they checkin for their skydive. identify customers checking in at multiple locations such as on shuttle buses, at shops, at pickup points and have complete control over where all your customer are, who is physically on site and the exact waiting time of all customers.

  • Identify the jump types being undertaken of all jumpers for safety management
  • identify the status of all customers and jumpers: manifested, departed, dropping, landed
  • Identify products and add ons being taken up by customers on checkin
  • All customers designed with their status: Checking in, Checkin Complete, Checked out for better safety and risk management

Manifest Manager Screen 

Complete control over all jumpers and aircraft. Manifest people for loads. Assign ground based tasks such as DZSO, GCA, TA or aircraft based tasks such as Load Master.

Identify all jumper licences, memberships and what type of jump is being done

FIDS - Flight Information Display Systems - Departure Board 

Real time FIDS public flight departure boards showing loads, passengers per flight, jump types and licenses and all ground and air based roles for each load. Loads indicate when called and passengers should gear up and go.

Have unlimited number of Departure Boards around the DZ or located anywhere in the world.  

Manifest Cloud Departure Board technology is plug and play no complicated setup. You create and issue security codes in order to authorise and approve any public flight departure board TV screen. You can cancel security codes at any time as well as see the last date and time all departure boards connected to your manifest cloud system.

You can issue staff, ground crew, pilots with security codes to view departures and jumper load information and monitor the last date and time staff connected to the system as well as cancel security codes at any time. You're in full control of your information and who has access.

  • Distributed DZ Departure Boards
    • Simply run one easy  Cat 5 cable to each TV screen for unlimited departure boards
    • Departure Board Cat 5 cables all simply need to be on the same Ethernet Switch
    • Run one common ethernet switch but distribute different departure boards on the same network
      *requires 3rd party components HMDI / Ethernet  extenders
  • WiFi / Ethernet DZ Departure Boards
    • Connect your Manifest Cloud HMDI FIDS Player to a departure board TV , your DZ WiFi or ethernet switch and you're up and running.
  • Remote Departure Boards
    • Deploy departure boards at any office or location world wide just plug in your Manifest Cloud HDMI FIDS player and display the flights happening in real time at your DZ
  • Mesh WiFi
    • Manifest Cloud can supply a mesh  WiFi solution. no cabling required just power up our Mesh WiFi access points and your up and running connecting all your departure boards and manifest equipment.

DZ wInds - weather cam

  • Real Time winds, Wind Speed, Gust, weather cam pics with full history.

* Requires our 3rd party wind meter solution which includes world wide SIM card coverage and solar power for 24/7 connected remote wind meter with weather cam option.

Platform Integrations

Manifest Cloud currently integrates with Rezdy tour and booking software. Want Manifest Cloud to integrate with your booking platform to add value to your customers ?

Manifest Cloud currently integrates with the Australian Parachute Federations member database and licensing. Want Manifest Cloud to integrate with your sporting federations licensing and membership database for improved safety and compliance  ?

Give us a call or send us an email and enquire about Manifest Cloud integrating with your platform.


* Some functionality such as  booking feeds and Wind Readings requires 3rd party services or equipment  to which Manifest Cloud provides integrations