Manifest Cloud is built with modern development tools and has a robust architecture of API's. Manifest Cloud offers integrations with many 3rd party services to offer enhanced services.

We have integrated with the following 3rd party services.

Manifest Cloud is continually on the lookout for great 3rd party services to integrate with so we can offer our customers the best features and add ons that work for their businesses.

  • Rezdy
  • FleetLog
  • Weather Underground



About Rezdy:

Impress your customers with a seamless experience that starts with the online booking process.

Rezdy integrates with your website to give your customers a convenient and consistent booking experience. Your customers can instantly book from a real-time booking interface displayed on your current website.

Rezdy works with any website to make booking form integration easy, including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal

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Manifest Cloud - How we integrate with Rezdy

Manifest Cloud integrates with Rezdy to provide the following enhanced functionality on customer checkin

  • Automatic booking detail retrieval on customer checkin
  • Automatically identify all customers who are in a "booking group" on checkin and manifest screens
  • Automatically identify all customers on shuttle bus services so manifest can prioritise shuttle passengers
  • Automatically identify all shuttle bus customers to dubbing staff on the dubbing control panel screen so dubbers can identify and organise shuttle customers videos

Manifest Cloud integrates with Rezdy to provide the following Manifest Cloud Apps:

Manifest Cloud Shuttle Bus Ipad App

  • Feed drivers real time pickup and booking information live from Rezdy bookings
  • Identify in real time the status of shuttle customers as: Found, Not Found, Picked Up
  • Tag the exact time each customer is collected
  • Tag the exact time shuttle buses pickup at each location pickup point

Manifest Cloud Booking App

  • Iphone and Ipad live booking feed report from Rezdy bookings by date and DZ location
  • Iphone and Ipad live booking feed of customer names and booking numbers for easy checkin identification


About FleetLog

The world's easiest GPS tracking system. Know where, when and how your people drive. Fleetlog allows you to be anywhere and still be in control of your team.

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Manifest Cloud - How we integrate with FleetLog

Manifest Cloud integrates with FleetLog to provide the following enhanced functionality as a custom solution for one operator.

  • Manifest Cloud Shuttle Bus Ipad app shows real time location and address of all shuttle buses
  • Manifest Cloud Shuttle Bus Ipad app shows the parked location of all shuttles
  • Track the exact time of customer pickup from all pickup points
  • Track the exact arrival and departure time of all shuttles from the DZ and other key locations


About Weather Underground

Weather For All

Our brand mission is to make quality weather information available to every person on this planet. No matter where you live in the world or how obscure an activity you require weather information for - we will provide you with as much relevant, local weather data as we can uncover. We promise to provide weather data for those that are underserved by other weather providers.

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Manifest Cloud - How we integrate with Weather Underground

Manifest Cloud integrates with Weather Underground to provide the following enhanced functionality

Manifest Cloud understands putting together DZ safety systems can be complicated so we make your life easy. Install any wind meter compatible with Weather Underground and connect your wind meter to Wunderground and the Manifest Cloud system can be customised to connect your DZ wind meter to the Manifest Cloud Manifest app, Pilot app, DZSO/GCA App and our MC Wind App on your Iphone.

  • Pilots see real time ground winds on their Pilot app along with load details, pax weights and load data
  • DZSO , GCA see real time DZ ground winds when doing GCA radio calls as well as load data for the drop
  • Manifest sees real time DZ winds on the manifest screens to advise customers and jumpers conditions on checkin
  • Chief Instructor, DZ operators can remote audit loads and winds in real time

*certain external services and integrations may require additional custom development